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How do we find the time?

In the midst of soccer games, dance practice and PTA meetings, who has time for a relaxing sit- down meal? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a window of opportunity to get everyone around the table. I believe this is pretty typical in most Canadian household including my own. The slow- paced, family dinner of my childhood is a fond and distant memory, and my family dinner today looks more like a chaotic pit stop, where eating a meal is simply a way of refueling before the evening schedule begins. But knowing that family dinners are still one of the best ways for families to stay connected, how do we make it happen without adding further stress into our lives?


Time is the most precious gift a parent can give to a child. Parents that are present and involved in the lives of their child enrich their lives emotionally and physically. Many parents look for the best parenting solution to help their children grow into responsible, mature adults. Yet, the most important component is as simple as spending quality time and committing to “being there” for them. This is a critical success factor in the parent-child relationship. The quality of this relationship is directly related to the amount of time invested in it.  Many children act-up or misbehave when they feel as though their parents are not giving them enough attention. Children who receive quality time are less likely to act-out and are far more likely to lead a happy and balanced life.


The New Year brings fresh starts, new beginnings and renewed hope for better  things to come.  Upon that note, I would like to welcome you to our exciting new  blog, Me In A Tree.

My name is Eva and I am a registered social worker. I have worked with children of various ages and families for over twenty years.  Having always had a passion for helping families I have been able to help families create bonds and improve their family life. I strongly believe that a healthy family unit is a building foundation of any society and what you pass on to your children can and will be carried on to the generations to come.  At the beginning of my career I often thought that the easiest job in the world was to raise someone else’s kids, until I had two of my own. I then, quickly realized that parenting is not a job that parents do, but rather a relationship they have with their child.

In today’s world parents face many challenges in raising kids from chores to homework to more serious issues of drugs and internet use. Won’t it be great to have a place to share and learn about ways to handle all these topics and more.

As a parent I am looking forward to hearing good ideas from others. As a social worker I hope I can share my thoughts, ideas and encouragements so that together we can create a support system that will build stronger and healthier families and in turn a stronger, healthier community.