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Family day isn’t one of those holidays that everyone plans for like Christmas, Easter, Halloween or Hanukkah. We don’t spend time buying the “perfect present”, extravagantly decorating, preparing copious amounts of food or building elaborate costumes. For some it’s just another day off, like Saturday or Sunday.  So what is the purpose of Family Day?

Family Day Fun

Family Day was first established in the province of Alberta in 1990. Partly due to the fact there were no statutory holidays between New Years and Good Friday and partly the result of the then Premier Don Getty’s personal situation. Mr. Getty’s son had been discovered to have a drug addition, the direct result, Mr. Getty said, of the neglect his family experienced at his own hands.


Professional Development Days – Worthwhile learning opportunity, or just a big boondoggle for educators?

Teachers Convention

I often hear complaints from my non-teacher friends that their kids get too much time off school “just” so teachers can have professional days. It causes issues with child care, and parents are worried their kids are missing out on important curricula while the teachers are off having a grand old time, partying it up.


Having fun with your family doesn’t mean you have to visit one of those great play places, an amusement park or spend a pile of money. There are a wide variety of things to do wherever you may be, in a big city or a small town. The key is, you are “together” and all “participating”.

Here are some ideas of great family activities:

  • Have a family slumber party – complete with sleeping bags and scary stories
  • Build a fort together – you’ll need lots of blankets!
  • Have a family games night – of course with snacks
  • Clean the house together – have a pick-up party or contest
  • Make up a play or musical. Take it to Grandma & Grandpa’s or a nursing home.
  • Go sledding, ice skating, cross country skiing, make a snowman!
  • Gather family photos, make a collage and frame it – even use a theme and scrapbookings materials How to Make a Collage Out of Family Photos
  • Draw or paint pictures of family members – frame and hang them.
  • Write a letter to Grandma & Grandpa or someone you haven’t seen for while

What is your opinion? HOT SAUCE?


What is the Me In A Tree MONEY TREE?
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