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Being a mother is about falling in love with a child whom you’ve never met. About falling more deeply in love the second you set eyes upon their tiny face. Realizing at that very moment their vulnerability and your lioness instinct to protect. It’s about the need to be with them every waking and sleeping moment. The desire to be part of every new experience, accomplishment and adventure. The yearning to protect them from every fall, hurt and unkind word. Being a mother is about unconditional love, knowing your child is not perfect, but loving them for who they are, who they want to be and who they turn out to be. It’s about guiding, nurturing and teaching. Celebrating the successes no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to others. Having expectations for your child to rise up to and encouraging the baby steps because that is what your child can do today. Being a mother is about giving a part of yourself like you’ve never given before. About the amazingly huge amount of love, fear, pride, hope, respect, anger, responsibility and so much more. It’s about always having room for more. For one more day, one more month, one more year…… one more child. Being a mother is about having enough room in your heart for the overwhelming love you have for one tiny person that has just been placed in your arms.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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