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By: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Summary: Are you having trouble finding time to be with your children and to be with each other? Discover how important this balance is, and what may be the underlying issue in the way of couple time.

Couple Time - Ambro

A happy and harmonious marriage is a gift to your children

A reader emailed me the following question:

“Many dads and moms, especially those that work full-time, are torn by guilt when it comes to allocation. They have been away from the kids so long during the working week that the weekends MUST be spent with them. Result: There is simply NO couple-time. Any suggestions?


Should kids have to do chores to get allowance?

This is a tough one……

Everyone has their own philosophy about chores being linked to allowance. However, I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I think it depends on what works best for your family.  Try them both! Take note of the results.

Allowance for nothing? Or, chores gets you money!

To pay or not to pay?


By Judy Arnall

Attitude is sarcastic anger. Sometimes, it’s a snarky I – statement or You – statement. If you look underneath, often, it’s a sign that your child is ready for more independence and feels thwarted in some way. Does she have reasonable choices? Can you give her more ability to make decisions? Or does she feel that she never has control over anything? Children want their needs and wants taken care of, just like adults do.


One issue that can be a serious concern for families is a lack of positive communication. Nowadays most of us live in “the fast lane”. We are constantly in a hurry and we struggle to find quality time to spend with one another. Between work commitments, running a household, time consuming technology and a child participating in extra curriculum activities, there seems little time left for the family and sometimes that puts everyone in a difficult position to function at their best. When time is tight, sometimes we communicate more about problems…annoyances and irritations that arise and are on our mind at that second in time. That means we tend to communicate in the heat of the moment when upset, frustrated and threatened.