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Today’s Businesswoman Magazine has a say about Me in a Tree.

In this fast-paced society, our family foundations have suffered what seems like irrefutable damage! Honour, Relationships, Respect, and Togetherness all seem like unreachable dreams. Imagine my delight in finding out that families can turn this around – not by squeezing MORE time out of their schedules, but by using the exact same time they are already spending! It’s about QUALITY, not quantity.

Me in a Tree – fun, healthy, easy transitions to focus on our families and invest in our futures! I URGE EVERYONE who loves his/her family to talk to the Me In a Tree team right now! When the children are grown, “would-have, should-have” doesn’t do much good!

Kathleen D. Mailer,

Founder and Editor-in Chief, Today’s Businesswoman Magazine.



Over the thirty years I worked with families, the number one challenge in helping parents with their children’s behavior was asking the parents to change the way they did things.  Oh, they were usually very willing to give the suggestions a try, yet even when the results worked great, very few parents stuck with them. Gradually, like a slow growing mold, their old ways of dealing with the children seeped in and everything went right back to the way they were. This pattern was repeated so often that I did not close the case until I was sure they were not going to revert to their old ways.

Families have their own particular way of being with one another that can almost resemble a dance. Some dances are like a slow quiet foxtrot or waltz while others more closely resemble a tango or rock and roll dance. And families with many crises in their lives may start with one set of steps and abruptly change to a salsa. Then, when things calm down they return to their original dance, but only for a short time as the cycle is repeated.


My eyes open to the glare

Of the sun peering through the glass

Resisting the urge to blankly stare

To the days that now form the past


What my life might have been

Had I existed in a different place, a different time

What my eyes might have seen

Had all choices been truly and completely mine


What if I had chosen birth in some distant land

Without family who with little consternation

Would gladly take me by the hand

To teach the lessons of my generation


Who at each step along the way

Presented options for my considerations

Whether to work or perhaps to play

Would that have altered my life conditions!


Perhaps the choice was in fact mine

And I chose a birth in this time and place

And my existence here was a voyage to find

The best me in a unique and specific space


Did you step on something on the stairs on your way down to make breakfast this morning? Chances are if your house is anything like mine, you did, and you couldn’t get anywhere very fast because things are strewn all over the place – not to mention going to bed last night before the dinner dishes were done. Welcome to reality and welcome to parenting. Many of us look around our homes and think, “Will it ever be nice when they are all grown and everything is in its place!”

The truth is this, if you really paused long enough to be honest with yourself, those dishes in the sink and unmade beds mean your life is full – and likely you are so busy living it, that you don’t take time to be persnickety about it. If by living your life, you are attending soccer practice, eating in the car on the run and zipping across town because it is more important to make sure your daughter is picked up on time than supper is made early – then you are living the good life, the one filled with value and love and quality.

We are living the good life, and it is buuuuuuusssssyyyyyy! That is why we love what we do, we give a resource to people who need a hand living the good life as they build great families.