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Back to School

by Eva Macyszyn, BSW, RSW

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It seems like yesterday when your children were celebrating the beginning of summer. Now, you are preparing for another busy school year ahead. With the start of school, there are challenges that many families face regarding organization. Homework and after-school activities fill up your family calendar, and it can be difficult to keep abreast everything. Here are a few ideas to get your family organized and ready for the new school year.

Ease in to the school year schedule. Begin to get your children prepared for the school year routine by adjusting bedtimes that are indicative of the school year. Also, plan meals and snacks to orientate your child to the new routine.

Create and calendar. Having one comprehensive document, like a calendar, in a central location is a great way to keep track of all the events and activities that inevitably come up during the year. This way, everyone has access to it, can add to the calendar, and keep themselves organized.

Plan before you shop. An informed shopper saves money and time. Be prepared with your children’s clothing sizes, school supplies list, and any other items they may need for the school year.

Practice. There’s nothing wrong with a little dress rehearsal. Before the school year starts, do a practice run with your kids, going through the routine and getting your kids to school on time.


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