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Creative, Curious Children

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Me in a Tree

For children, curiosity is just something that comes naturally. Parents have the responsibility to nurture that curiosity because, for children, it is essential to discovering the foreign around them. Parents should encourage their children to develop an interest in life, develop passions, and conquer the unknown, among other things.

Curiosity also broadens a child’s mind, which fosters a positive learning environment and enhances a child’s ability to learn. A curious child always asks questions, which can unlock some of life’s mysteries. In light of these benefits, here are a few tips for parents to cultivate their child’s natural curiosity.

·         Encourage your children to be aware of their natural surroundings. Take a walk and let your child explore nature.

·         Teach your children to think about and do things. This is to remind children that there is more than one way of doing things, and there is something to be discovered

·         Teach them to get to know people. We live in a society that is prone to making snap judgements about people, but getting to know someone before making a judgement opens children up to a differing array of personalities.

·         Support their independence. Children are more able to cultivate their own curiosity when they are doing so in a supportive environment. Allow your children to identify their interests and encourage them to develop those.

·         Schedule time for curiosity. Schedule activities that are more challenging or are completely new. When something is new, the brain pays attention, and this allows your child to be more creative and develop their own unique sense of curiosity.

Eva Macyszyn B.S.W., R.S.W.

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