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School’s out! Summer Activities That Your Kids (And Budget) Will Love

by Eva Macyszyn, BSW, RSW


Summer means, sunshine, sandals and sprinklers. The expectancy of summer is palpable, especially with school-aged children. Unfortunately, the excitement dwindles, and children can become bored during the summer months. To beat the summer boredom and heat, here are five activities that your children will love and won’t break the bank.


  1. House swap. Taking vacations aren’t always a possibility for families. From hotels to eating out, going out of town can be quite expensive. A fun way to take a vacation that is budget-friendly is to swap houses for a week or two. Find friends or family to swap houses with, or connect with other vacation-savvy families on home exchange websites.
  2. Rainy day crafts. For the days when the weather isn’t nice, find activities that allow your children to use their imagination and creativity. There are craft stores, such as Michaels, that offer inexpensive classes so you and your children can spend the day making wonderful art and crafts.
  3. Art walk. Children love to draw, paint, and sculpt. Find a local art walk and spend the day exploring the different colors and styles. It’ll be a fun and educational activity for you and your children.
  4. Make frozen treats. Prepared frozen fruit pops or ice cream can not only be expensive, but loaded with sugar. Stock up on seasonal fruit, chop up fruit, place them on skewers and freeze them. You can get your children involved. And, when you need to beat the heat, you have tasty and healthy frozen treats on hand.
  5. Go outside. Children today have too much screen time, especially during the summer months. Turn off the TV and encourage your children to go outside. Encourage them to get active and entertain themselves in other ways such as playing games or reading.


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