Me in a Tree

Summer Schedules and Routines

by Eva Macyszyn, BSW, RSW

Me in a Tree

With the coming of summer, you can say good-bye to all the school-related responsibilities like parent-teacher conferences, school projects, or homework. And, you can say hello to an entirely new set of responsibilities like summer sports, camps, and “free time” management.

When kids are out of school, they have more free time; however, try to retain as much structure as possible because kids thrive when they are aware of expectations and events. Of course, the key is to include enough structured time and free time to achieve the elusive balance.

A great way to think about adding in some structured balance is to think of a sandwich. The morning is like the bottom bun, a sturdy, structured routine to start the day. Get as many tasks and chores as you can done in the morning, so that you free up the middle of the day to play with friends, read a book, or spend free time however you like.

The middle of the day is like the filling. You can do what you like. Change it up from day to day. Go to the museum, park, zoo, or your local pool. Let your kids choose the activity for the day.


And you top off your day with another set of routines, like the top bun. Family dinners are great routine. They allow for better connection between the family members, but studies have shown that meals tend to be more balanced and healthy, among other benefits.


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