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Tip of the Week:

Don’t forget to keep your kids’ brains sharp by reading! Keep your kids' brains sharp

Use your library to research a new topic. Most libraries also run summer reading programs or special activities.


Summer would not be summer without blowing bubbles. kids blowing bubblesBubbles are a great to enjoy your time together, especially if you make your own solutions and then go around the house and find things to use as wands.

Check out this easy bubble recipe.

To make your bubble wand just find a slotted spoon, 6-pack rings, cookie cutters, mason jar rings or even a fly swatter.

Oh, the things you can do with an imagination!


Nearly every parent has heard complaints of boredom from their childMommy I'm Bored, and that can spell trouble – with a “T ”. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to help your child alleviate boredom.

Set up camp. If you can’t get out to a campground for a few days, pitch a tent in your backyard. Fill a cooler with drinks, and set up a picnic area. Set out sleeping bags and pillows. Then, grab a flashlight and some snacks and tell spooky stories. You can do this either outside in your backyard or in your living room.
Create a treasure hunt. Chocolate, candy, toys – the list is endless. Find anything in your house that can be hidden, and send your children on a mission to find all the objects.
Go cloud-watching. Lay on the grass and find as many shapes or images as you can. This activity is simple and purely fun.
Play games outside: freeze tag, soccer, baseball, catch, football, jump rope, hide-and-seek (or its backwards twin, Sardines), etc.
Visit the library, pick out a couple of books, and teach your children the simple joy of reading.
Whip up some batter for brownies or cookies, and get the kids involved. Let them mix the ingredients or place cookies on the backing sheet. Don’t worry too much about your messy kitchen, but focus on creating the memory with your children.

Add these activities to your To Do List, and if you need any more ideas to keep your children occupied, check out this website.


Taking a road trip can be a fun way to spend time together. You can plan your road trip as a family and decide where you’ll stop along the way. Just don’t forget to think of things to do in the car before you get on the road.

Spending eleven hours in the car with a seven-and four-year-old could be difficult. But my parents decided to brave it with my nieces, reasoning that their first road trip to Calgary would keep them busier than hanging around Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a week. Luckily they are experts at finding things to do in the car. (They once hauled my two siblings and I across the U.S. for a month)

Here are some of their favorite things to do in the car. Use them when you run out of activities and car games to play in the car: