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Love Upfront

Research often shows that children who grow up in strong marriages Me in a Treeare more likely to have a strong marriages and relationships. To keep your marriage strong and teach your children some life-long lessons is be intentional about being thoughtful every day and thanking each other for selfless thoughtfulness.

Simple ways of loving upfront can include leaving thank you notes in the lunchbox or the car, and verbally saying thank you to your spouse in front of your kids.

This public display of open communication and verbal appreciation will teach your children that these behaviours are important, and they will imitate this intentional gratitude in their own relationships.

It can be hard to keep the romance alive in your marriage, but something as simple as thanking your partner for their everyday thoughtfulness has such an impact on your children.

Being verbally intentional in front of your children can extend to offering forgiveness to your spouse, admitting when you’re wrong, clear any resentment, and other open communications. These practices will teach your children, who are great imitators, to exhibit these behaviours in their own social relationships with peers and family members.

Saying a simple thank you to your spouse in front of your children is easy and can reap tremendous benefits.

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Not the mom who gives everything to her child. The best moms are the ones who know when to take a break. Me in a TreeBeing a mom is hard work and certainly rewarding, but devoting all your time to your children means other areas of your life are being neglected.

Let’s not forget about your spouse. A happy and strong marriage will do more for your children than you realize. Children with married parents are more likely to go to college and be emotionally healthier. And, of course, children are natural imitators, so when they see you spending quality time with your spouse, they will translate that to their own marriage.

Your own personal time is being compromised when you are too focused on your children. Moms need time to sit back with a book or a glass of wine and just decompress every once in a while. When mom is relaxed and happy, the family is relaxed and happy.

Overall, involving yourself too much in your child’s life can be detrimental. Children need the freedom to grow, make mistakes, learn, and develop. Just like flowers can’t have too much sun or too much rain, children need a proper balance of involvement.

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By: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Summary: Are you having trouble finding time to be with your children and to be with each other? Discover how important this balance is, and what may be the underlying issue in the way of couple time.

Couple Time - Ambro

A happy and harmonious marriage is a gift to your children

A reader emailed me the following question:

“Many dads and moms, especially those that work full-time, are torn by guilt when it comes to allocation. They have been away from the kids so long during the working week that the weekends MUST be spent with them. Result: There is simply NO couple-time. Any suggestions?


An important part of family balance is taking time out of your day and/or week for your partner. In our day to day happenings we all find it difficult to carve time for the one we wanted to have a family with. Why do you suppose we leave the scraps for our partners? Surely it’s not on purpose, but there is definitely a variety of reasons. Rachel Meeks says it eloquently in her February 15th blog, “I didn’t realize how often we retreated to our separate computers before, or our separate books, different hobbies, and individual responsibilities.” It’s human nature to take the road of least resistance or the least amount of work and thought, especially when we are exhausted. But it will surely make a difference to the entire family to make the effort. Start with baby steps…….