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It’s unmistakeable to say that families are busier than ever with demands Scheduling Timefiring in in all kinds of directions. That in mind, it is becoming increasingly important that families schedule and observe family time as you would a business appointment or restaurant reservations.

Our world places so any demands on both children and parents, and time spent exclusively on family keeps getting pushed down the priority list. Instead, an extra little bit of work or a Sunday football practice moves up. In reality, happy, tight-knit families make family a priority. If you can take one look at your calendar and sigh in exasperation that you will have no time to spend with your family, then maybe you need to reset your priorities and rearrange your schedules to fit.

Get out a pen and brand one day every week as “FAMILY DAY”. Having it on the calendar will make accomplishing it a little easier and will model to your children that family is a priority and that you intentionally make time to spend it with the ones that you love the most.

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Family day isn’t one of those holidays that everyone plans for like Christmas, Easter, Halloween or Hanukkah. We don’t spend time buying the “perfect present”, extravagantly decorating, preparing copious amounts of food or building elaborate costumes. For some it’s just another day off, like Saturday or Sunday.  So what is the purpose of Family Day?

Family Day Fun

Family Day was first established in the province of Alberta in 1990. Partly due to the fact there were no statutory holidays between New Years and Good Friday and partly the result of the then Premier Don Getty’s personal situation. Mr. Getty’s son had been discovered to have a drug addition, the direct result, Mr. Getty said, of the neglect his family experienced at his own hands.