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Over the thirty years I worked with families, the number one challenge in helping parents with their children’s behavior was asking the parents to change the way they did things.  Oh, they were usually very willing to give the suggestions a try, yet even when the results worked great, very few parents stuck with them. Gradually, like a slow growing mold, their old ways of dealing with the children seeped in and everything went right back to the way they were. This pattern was repeated so often that I did not close the case until I was sure they were not going to revert to their old ways.

Families have their own particular way of being with one another that can almost resemble a dance. Some dances are like a slow quiet foxtrot or waltz while others more closely resemble a tango or rock and roll dance. And families with many crises in their lives may start with one set of steps and abruptly change to a salsa. Then, when things calm down they return to their original dance, but only for a short time as the cycle is repeated.


Another school year is over and kids are packing their bags to head off for a week or more at camp. It’s exciting but nerve-wracking too, for parents and kids. The biggest concerns for many are homesickness and just plain missing one another.

Happily, you can keep your family bond strong when you’re separated. The following tips will help you stay connected even while you’re apart so everyone can have a great summer.

  1. Share your plans. Before everyone heads off in a different direction, talk to one another about what you’ll be doing. Kids may feel more comfortable if they can picture what mom and dad are doing while they’re away.
  2. Prepare for being apart. Talk to your children about what homesickness is and why it happens. Explain that it can happen to anyone and give ideas for getting over it, like joining an activity or talking to a friend or counselor.
  3. Pack a calendar. Mark the date you’ll see each other again on your Me in a Tree calendar, print it out and send it with your child for a daily reminder that you’ll be together again.