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The old adage goes: “treat others the way you want to be treated”.  The same is true for parenting.  The Golden RuleYou should not do anything to your child that you wouldn’t want your child to do to you.  For instance, if you want your child to listen to you, listen to them.  If you don’t attentively listen to what your child has to say, they will imitate your behaviour and refuse to listen to you.

Parents can get caught up in the busyness of life that they inadvertently teach their children bad habits.  If you address the cashier at the grocery store in a rude manner, the likelihood that your child will respond to you in the same manner is fairly good.  By not correcting your own behaviour, you are teaching your child that rudeness and disrespect are okay.

If you want your child to respect you, first respect him or her.  Let your child initiate and facilitate a conversation, and then listen to them.  It is important to hold yourself accountable for your actions, correct yourself when you are wrong, and create every mistake into an opportunity to teach your child fundamental life skills such as respect.

It really is as simple as treating your child the way you would want to be treated.


One issue that can be a serious concern for families is a lack of positive communication. Nowadays most of us live in “the fast lane”. We are constantly in a hurry and we struggle to find quality time to spend with one another. Between work commitments, running a household, time consuming technology and a child participating in extra curriculum activities, there seems little time left for the family and sometimes that puts everyone in a difficult position to function at their best. When time is tight, sometimes we communicate more about problems…annoyances and irritations that arise and are on our mind at that second in time. That means we tend to communicate in the heat of the moment when upset, frustrated and threatened.


How many of you have at least one sibling? How many WISH you had a sibling or wish you didn’t……….? There are so many great things about having one or more siblings and there are a lot of benefits to being an only child as well. Kids who have siblings told us they are never lonely. Yes, they still get bored, but they almost always have someone to do things with. They always have a friend, someone they can depend on and someone who will always have their back. The younger ones said they can and usually do learn from the experiences and life lessons of their older siblings and can get advise when they need it. Having someone to share childhood memories and traditions with is extremely special, however, they always have to share and don’t always get alone time with either parent, but having people to share the “load” with is awesome. Single children often get lonely. However, never have to share with anyone, generally get Mom & Dad’s undivided attention and often times are included in the decision making of “what to do”. Unfortunately, they must often depend on friends availability for play dates, the burden of Mom & Dad’s care will fall solely on the single child and their memories belong only to them. Obviously great things on either side of the fence, but today we celebrate National sibling day – so here’s to our siblings one and all!