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Not the mom who gives everything to her child. The best moms are the ones who know when to take a break. Me in a TreeBeing a mom is hard work and certainly rewarding, but devoting all your time to your children means other areas of your life are being neglected.

Let’s not forget about your spouse. A happy and strong marriage will do more for your children than you realize. Children with married parents are more likely to go to college and be emotionally healthier. And, of course, children are natural imitators, so when they see you spending quality time with your spouse, they will translate that to their own marriage.

Your own personal time is being compromised when you are too focused on your children. Moms need time to sit back with a book or a glass of wine and just decompress every once in a while. When mom is relaxed and happy, the family is relaxed and happy.

Overall, involving yourself too much in your child’s life can be detrimental. Children need the freedom to grow, make mistakes, learn, and develop. Just like flowers can’t have too much sun or too much rain, children need a proper balance of involvement.

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Taking a road trip can be a fun way to spend time together. You can plan your road trip as a family and decide where you’ll stop along the way. Just don’t forget to think of things to do in the car before you get on the road.

Spending eleven hours in the car with a seven-and four-year-old could be difficult. But my parents decided to brave it with my nieces, reasoning that their first road trip to Calgary would keep them busier than hanging around Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a week. Luckily they are experts at finding things to do in the car. (They once hauled my two siblings and I across the U.S. for a month)

Here are some of their favorite things to do in the car. Use them when you run out of activities and car games to play in the car:


You’ve probably heard about the New York City mom, controversially advocating more freedom for today’s kids. Lenore Skenazy, former columnist for the New York Sun, with a nationally syndicated column that appears in more than 100 papers through the Creators Syndicate, says that parents need to stop over-protecting their children if they want to raise self-reliant adults. She even suggested a day when we all let our kids (of reasonable ages, of course) go out to play by themselves, coining the action, “Free range Kids.”

For many of us, that’s a scary idea. While we may agree that today’s kids deserve to be able to wander and explore their communities without mom or dad breathing down their necks, we also know that the world is a vastly different place than it once was.

It’s hard to know how much of our fear is rational and how much is just….fear. In our global community, news travels quickly. Every attempted abduction we hear about makes us less likely to encourage our children to learn to navigate our world by themselves.