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Tip of the Week:

Don’t forget to keep your kids’ brains sharp by reading! Keep your kids' brains sharp

Use your library to research a new topic. Most libraries also run summer reading programs or special activities.


Reading to your child a minimum 20 minutes a day can make a big difference in their progress!

20 Minutes A Day!

According to Dr. Paul, a renowned pediatrician, reading to our children can be beneficial in many ways. Dr. Paul says it will help our children develop speech easier as well as learn new words and the pronunciation of them, increasing their vocabulary. Reading to our children also helps prepare them for school as it teaches listening skills, attentiveness and sentence structure. Reading helps create routines (believe me, when the children are excited about what happens next they will do all those things we want them to), and sets them up for a life long love of reading. Most importantly to the family, it creates bonding time between parent and child. I know for our family, my kids wanted me to read to them long after they were all reading at a grade four level and beyond. There we were, planted firmly on the floor, gathered around “Harry Potter”.  Admittedly, I enjoyed them being spellbound on my every English accented, dramatic  word at least as much as they did. The key……. always leave them hanging so they want to come back for more.

As today is Hans Christian Anderson‘s birthday and International Children’s Book Day, make today the first of many wonderful nights of story telling and let your child’s imagination open up as they listen to you and their favorite author create a vision in their minds eye.

…..Happy Reading!


A year ago it became obvious that my children had become very attached to the laptop and their iPods and cell phones. They were spending nearly every free moment on-line, playing games, texting and facebooking, instead of reading and learning new things.

After attending a family literacy event at my child’s school, I was reminded of the importance of reading and learning with my children. I decided things needed to change. I knew it was going to be a battle but I decided to start slowly, initiating small changes.

family reading

Family Reading Time is Very Valuable

First we started going to the library and used book store often. Then we cut down on the time spent in front of a screen. We even added a games night. My husband and I also agreed that we wanted our children to become avid readers and learners, and that we needed to model our love of reading and learning to them as often as we could.