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We had the pleasure of meeting with Kids Up Front today. What an amazing organization!

In 1999 John Dalziel presented an idea to Barb Radu. John wanted to collect all the unused event tickets from various sources and “gift” them to children and their families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. The year 2000 saw the launch of Kids Up Front and by December 31, 2010 this organization had received 749,130 ticket donations to distribute. Operating in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto Kids Up Front partners with almost 500 charities who in turn extends this gift of life changing experiences to thousands of children and their families.

The impact this organization has had is astounding. Presenting a whole new world of possibilities, passions and dreams to Canadian children across the country Kids Up Front is a remarkable organization.

Kids Up Front Foundation as a community service organization is dedicated to:

  • Enhancing the quality of life for children and their families by making a lasting positive impact by providing safe, quality entertainment, cultural, educational and recreational experiences
  • Developing solid partnerships with qualified agencies devoted to improving the welfare of Canadian children and families
  • Building meaningful relationships with all stakeholders of the Foundation
  • Delivering programs that promote healthy relationships, social inclusion and tolerance of gender, race and sexual orientation in a manner that is fair and equitable to participants

A survey by Studentawards Inc., a Toronto marketing and scholarship firm, has found that family is extremely important to young people. Spending time with family was one of the top priorities for the 2,500 high school and post-secondary students from across Canada who participated in the survey. In a press release on, Studentawards Inc. expressed surprise at the results, indicating that family may be more important to today’s kids than generally believed.