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When Annoying Is A Good Thing

by Eva Macyszyn, BSW, RSW

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Every kid has moments where they whine, beg, cry, scream, mope, and are just generally annoying. It’s inevitable that kids will get on your nerves every once in a while, and even though, it may frustrate you, kids are learning to manage their emotions, which is a healthy part of development. Here are six annoying things that children do that are actually very healthy:


1: Throw Temper Tantrums

Kids learn to express negative emotions like anger during a tantrum. They will scream, cry, and physically express their anger. As a parent, it is best to let it happen – safely.

2: Cry Easily

Tears are cathartic and healing, despite their weak reputation. It is said that crying reduces the stress of the situation by decreasing the stress hormone level. Crying allows children to find healing when they’ve been hurt either physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

3: Act Scared

Like crying, being scared is often held in low esteem. However, allowing your children to act scared forces them to confront fear and deal with it in a positive way.

4: Dawdle

One of the most frustrating things parents face is trying to get the kids to bed or out the door – on time. Dawdling, however, teaches a child the importance of family schedules. Learning and mastering this skill takes time and patience.

5: Whine

Children are masters of getting what they what. Often, they will persist and whine until parents become so frustrated that they give in to demands. When you let them whine, they are learning limits, negotiation, and speaking up for themselves. It is important, however, to enforce that your kids are not always going to get what they want.

6: Showing Resistance

Nearly all parents have experiences when their child just wouldn’t do what they asked. Children, however, are learning to be assertive, which is an important life skill to have.

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